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Cattle integration

We raise calves from the lactation phase to the bait phase in collaborating farms. We adapt the management in each batch of animals to maximize the production to which they are intended, whether export or production of meat.

R&D. Analysis and quality control

From Pinsos Ursa, we are committed to quality, technology and R&D. Thus, we carry out an exhaustive traceability procedure that involves us from the quality of our raw materials and an optimal manufacturing process in our feed for animal feed with the sole objective of increasing the degree of satisfaction of all our customers.


Online silos control

We offer tools for online monitoring of silos, with access from any device. We also go a step further by offering automated feed management and forecasting, replenishing silos in a planned and planned manner. One less concern for our customers.


Livestock export

We export different categories and breeds of cattle, sheep and goats by land and sea transport.

Feed export

We export feed for cattle, sheep and other types of livestock by land and sea transport.

Export Others

Export of other products

We export other products, check our variety.

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