Pinsos Ursa

Feed marketing and manufacturing


PINSOS URSA S.L. It is a company dedicated to the manufacture of food for animals, especially calves and lambs with the objective of national marketing, as well as international when exporting this type of live or canal animals to different countries, mainly in North Africa.

During the last years, our export activity has increased to the point of being one of the most important agents in the export process of cattle to North Africa and the Middle East.


Pinsos Ursa strives to improve the life of livestock through high quality products and services.


Pinsos Ursa is committed to being a partner in the whole process of livestock health, for products and services adapted to each need.


Pinsos Ursa is able to achieve it, through the following values ​​that it presents in its DNA:


Our history

1977 - Birth of "Grupo sindical de Colonización"

It was founded by nine partners in the livestock sector, with the intention of manufacturing the feed for their animals. The land was bought, a 200 m2 warehouse was made and a second-hand mill was bought.

1985 - The mill is self-financed with its own production.

During the following years some of the founding partners are closing their farms for various reasons, and that is when the market comes out to find new customers to maintain production since during these years the cooperatives in the area grow with great force

1992 - The definitive name is established: 'S.A.T. "URSA" 139 CAT '

It was proposed to make a differentiated type of production from the competition and the purchase of a mill mill, which instead of grinding the grain, laminates it. This option was considered because the main bulk of clients and partners had farms with ruminant animals (cows, calves, lambs)

1994 - Expansion of the facilities.

We acquired a new rolling mill and since then and until the year 2000 the production is gradually increased, which means that the facilities with 400 m2 more of warehouse are expanded and new silos, a bridge scale and offices are built

2000 - A new generation takes over.

One of the partners acquires the majority of the company and at the end of the year 2000 transfers the address of the company to one of his children. Immersed in this period of changes, comes the mad cow crisis, which significantly affects the manufacturing level of the company

2003 - ISO 9001: 2000 certification

Once the crisis has been overcome, the fruits of many years are collected working honestly and without rest and a more energetic way is chosen to offer a better quality and safety product, the company is certified with the ISO 9001: 2000 standard and continues to increase production, leading largely to certified meat production.

2006 - 2009 - Factory modernization.

The entire manufacturing process is automated and the existing structures are improved, a micro-doser is acquired, which allows to automatically dose all the micro-ingredients of the feed. In 2009, the manufacturing mill was replaced by a more powerful, energy efficient and higher performance mill.

2010 - Birth of Pinsos Ursa

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